A New Player Has Entered The Game: Our Interview with Tracer builder Jason Woods

This week on the podcast, we catch up with Tracer builder Jason Woods!


As a high schooler, Jason built his first bot which he took to compete at BattleBots during the Comedy Central days. Since then, Jason has been building nonstop - everything from combat robots to ingenuitive curiosities. You may recognize him from his appearances on Shark Tank where he once sought funding for his rad invention, the Kymera Body Board. Jason is full of stories and hard learned wisdom that he's gathered throughout these many experiences.


Surprisingly, his new bot, Tracer, was built in near-complete secrecy from the rest of the community. Listen as he takes us through his inspiration for the bot, his expectations for next season, and the grudge matches he's looking forward to most!



Kymera Body Board: https://kymera.com/


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