It’s Rusty, Oh yes it’s Rusty! Getting our Tetanus shots with Rusty Captain David Eaton

This week on the podcast, we catch up with David Eaton, the man behind what’s quickly become the favorite rookie heavyweight of the 2020 season of BattleBots—Rusty. This tank-treaded, rusty garage build quickly captured the heart of combat robotics internet, and we get the whole story.


This week’s combat robotics news stories:


> 2020 sticker haul:

> ATOM 94 glamor shots: 

> BattleBots 2020 hoodies: 

> Chomp has a frickin flamethrower: 

> Chomp in slow-mo: 

> Chomp on a trailer: 

> Chomp on a pallet jack: 

> Extinguisher’s wrap: 

> Ghost Raptor’s cake: 

> Gruff’s wrap message: 

> HiJinx is massive: 

> HiJinx team photo: 

> Jenny Taft is back:

> Kraken face masks: 

> Kraken weapons test: 

> Pete Abramson on camera: 

> Sharko’s new owner: 

> Shatter’s wrap message: 

> Skorpios’ yo-yo skills: 

> SMEEEE’s drive gears: 

> SubZero’s 150g bot: 

> Tombstone’s wrap message: 

> Tracer weapons test: 

> Tracer has a serious minibot:

> Tracer also has a joke minibot:

> Valkyrie wrap message: 


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