Our Electric Green Episode with Team ORBY Captain Cheog-Gyu Hwang!

This week on the podcast, we catch up with South Korea’s coolest combat robotics builder, Team ORBY captain Cheog-Gyu Hwang!


Cheog-Gyu’s story is familiar in many ways—he started watching combat robotics on TV as a middle schooler, and decided to build his own combat robots in college, where he was studying to become a mechanical engineer. Today, he builds robots for a living.


What’s unique is that his community of builders is almost entirely virtual. There are less than a dozen combat robotics teams in South Korea, and Team ORBY is basically the only heavyweight team in the entire country. Cheog-Gyu took his hard-hitting horizontal bar spinner Blade to King of Bots, and is eager to show the world what he’s capable of once BattleBots returns.


This was such a delightful interview. We learned that ORBY is an acronym (!), Cheog-Gyu built his own massive CNC machine, and his own combat robotics box. He’s currently building an electric violin for his wife, who’s a professional violinist and combat roboteer.


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