Quantum is Us, We are Quantum: Our Interview with Quantum Captains James Cooper and Grant Cooper!

This week on the podcast, we catch up with Quantum captains (and brothers) James Cooper and Grant Cooper!


Outside of combat robotics (Robot Wars! BattleBots! King of Bots!), the Coopers run Robo Challenge, a studio that makes robots, and other cool things, for TV shows, commercials and promotional campaigns. They’ve built things for everything from the Abu Dhabi Royal Family to Xbox, notably an inflatable ball that someone used to run across the Irish Sea, one piece of a scary attraction at a popular theme park in England, and a bunch of robots seen on British TV shows like The Gadget Show.


Combat robotics fans know them for their extensive work on the reboot of Robot Wars, where they built the House Robots, helped design the arena and rulebook, and ran the technical side of the house during filming. They built the devastatingly effective bots Spectre (winner of King of Bots Season 1) and Quantum, which advanced to the Top 16 in its rookie season on BattleBots.


Among builders, Team Robo Challenge is widely regarded as among the best designers in the sport. In 2019, the builders themselves awarded Quantum a Giant Bolt for Best Design.


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