The Balance Between Fun and Function: Our Interview with Lock-Jaw Captain Donald Hutson

This week on the podcast, we catch up with Lock-Jaw captain Donald Hutson, a combat robotics veteran who’s competed on every season of BattleBots to date, and holds 6 Giant Nuts (and one Giant Bolt!). We get his take on how the competition has changed over time, and what he’s looking forward to in the season ahead.


This week’s news stories:

> Pain Train GoFundMe: 

> New Duck! CAD renderings: 

> Bale Spear welding:  

> Bloodsport weapons test:

> Double Jeopardy assembly: 

> New Gigabyte paint job: 

> JackPot’s weapon: 

> Kraken’s new scales: 

> SawBlaze’s new blade: 

> Tantrum’s “fist”: 

> Team Whyachi’s new cart: 

> Cardboard combat robotics tournament: 


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